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Website Traffic Hacker Captured In Spain

Have You been a victim of a Website Traffic Hacker?

Website Traffic Hacker     A 35 year old man from Sweden, was just captured and arrested in Barcelona, Spain.  The man was known online as “SK” and is reported to be a representative of the company Cyberbunker.

Cyberbunker has been reported to be the culprits of numerous denial of service attacks that were recently aimed and millions of blogs and websites throughout the world that halted website traffic flow all over the world.

I reported on the recent attack on WordPress Security world wide over at the Seo Traffic Expert, see that report –> HERE

The Spanish Interior Minister along with Dutch, German, British and US police forces say that the culprit was launching attacks from a mobile van that was outfitted with various types of antennae and tech. equipment that allowed him to attack various computing networks.

The primary motivation of the website traffic attacks against internet e-mail and watchdog company “Spamhaus”, based in London and Geneva.  The attacks were launched as protest for censure.  Cyberbunker claims that Spamhaus has no right to decide what does and does not go on the internet.

Online security, blog security and the value of website traffic are all critical issues that I will continue to report on.  Were you a victim of the recent hacking and cyber attacks?  If you were, I want to hear about it – leave your comments below,

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