Web Traffic to Online Newspapers Increases

WebTrafficUp     As a cyber journalist and curator of website traffic related content, information about website traffic and newspapers really  interests me which is why I wanted to share this piece with you.  I am also introducing a snipet of content curated from Google.  I was reading through a prominent online financial publication where the author indicated that:

newspaper publishing is the most obsolete industry in America” – Porter Stansberry, The S & A Digest

In the article Dan Ferris and Sean Goldsmith continue that, Gannett, the company that owns USA Today is still in a steady decline. In mid-October 2011 the company announced that it’s third-quarter earnings fell almost 4%. Revenue from publishing and broadcasting fell 5% and 6%, as well and the only positive was that the company’s online division, which includes all newspaper websites gained 21% in total revenue.

To further explain the migration from print news, and how website traffic to online news sites has increased consider the recent merger of ABC News and Yahoo.  Also see this content rom Google:

NAA: Newspaper web traffic soars – Newspapers and Technology


NAA: Newspaper web traffic soarsNewspapers and TechnologyAmong the results: This is the first annual comparison of website traffic the NAA has been able to issue since it began using comScore to track Web audience data in September 2010. Caroline Lit …

This article explains how web traffic to newspaper websites rose 20 percent between September 2010 and September 2011 according to statistics released last week by the Newspaper Association of America

The big question that I want to know from you is: where do you read your news, online or offline?

Leave me  a comment tell me if you still like the “paper” newspaper or online news sites,

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