New, Web Traffic News Vidoe Update

RaiseHandImage I have been receiving allot of comments and suggestions so keep them coming.  One of the re-occuring requests is that I add video to the site, so I am doing exactly that.  About every 2 weeks I will film a video update and post it here on the Web Traffic News Blog.

This video update discusses how I lost access to one of my other traffic blogs, 2 guys who you should know about and how they relate to web traffic and I ask a question related to blogging as well.

I recieved some great comments on this video when I posted it at Facebook so be sure to add you two cents if you have not done so previously?

Watch the Web Traffic News Video Update below:

Web Traffic News Update by Mark Edward Brown

Leave your comments below and tell me if you liked this update or not?

The Web Traffic Reporter ~ Mark Edward Brown


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