Hybrid Traffic Platforms Best at Driving Free Web Traffic

website traffic image     Chris Richardson from WebProNews.com recently reported that users of Facebook and Twitter don’t like leaving either site thus they are poor at delivering website traffic.  He goes even farther than just writing it down, Chris backs it up with proof in the form of reference from previous studies and charts from sites such as The Drudge Report

One of my all time favorite methods of no cost traffic delivery is a site called Traffic Dynamite

Traffic Dynamite is more of a traffic community with flexible tools anyone can use to drive web traffic to their sites, blogs, fanpages, twitter profile etc.  With a built in banner, text ad, and traffic exchnage – website traffic is virtually guaranteed.  As long and you can click a mouse you can get free traffic to your site.

Additional features such as social integration and RSS blog technology which allows you to promote your articles and blog posts makes Traffic Dynamite a no brainer.

I like most social media sites however I think that some business people miss the mark when they only focus on using them as traffic sources instead of the socially interactive meeting places that they were designed to be.  It’s not completely impossible to drive traffic using these types of sites either however it does cost money and right now there is no shortage of training courses and e-books that will show you how to market to target markets of your choice on Facebook but it will cost you.

If no cost traffic is your goal as well as effective marketing and promotion of your website seek out traditional traffic drivers such as the site I previoulsy mentioned – you wont be sorry and as Chris reported content sites are better at driving traffic than social sites at the present moment.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown


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