Is it Possible for Website Traffic to Ever End?

Future Internet image     In a recent article from, Austin Carr reports that internet giants are teaming up to fix the web’s woes when it comes to website traffic and the possibility of web traffic ever grinding to a screeching halt.

The basic premise of the article claims that there is a shortage of IP addresses and that companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Google are joining forces to come up with solutions that will allow internet traffic to flow freely for generations to come.

Reportedly the solution is simple to understand yet hard to implement.  The problem is said to be based on outdated technology much like a 7 digit phone number without an area code or a mailing address without a zip code.  When the internet was in it’s infancy the data that it was launched from was adequate however since it’s inception to this point in cyber history new technologie is required which is why leading internet industry exec’s are teaming up to propel the world wide web into a secure operating future.

Interestingly the report states that the U.S. government was not consulted nor did it weigh in on if it approved of this course of action or not. 

I am interested on your point of view, do you think the way of the future is safe being left to “for profit” companies or is regulation by “big brother” a safer route?  Leave me a comment so we can talk about it.

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