E-mail + Social = New Web Traffic Power


Businesses both online and offline are advancing beyond the basics of social media marketing, for example they are not just establishing a presence at social networking sites so why not adapt and adopt some of the best practices into your own business?

For example if you are not using your e-mail messages to remind your contacts engage with you on social networks why not give it a try?  A simple P.S. with a reminder to “Like”, “Link”, + or follow you on Twitter could go a long way in engaging your sphere of influence on a whole new level.

Businesses must factor in the recent announcements from the leading search engines which publicly anounce that their algorithms are changing.  Due to this data both businesses and business owners can get ahead of the power curve and get more social signals such as client testamonials or recommendations, product and service reviews as well as news and anouncements about enhancements or promotional messages.

So what does this mean for your email, social and search strategies? It means that as b2b marketers, we should expect to see these channels continue to converge, becoming more tightly integrated over time. I know you’re thinking that email is not social. We can, however, consider email the original social digital channel; it’s been used for many years to connect people and businesses.

Motivate your existing client base and customers to refer friends and colleagues to your business via a social referral program where you reward your clients with an incentive if they refer friends who, in turn, become new customers.

When planning an e-mail campaign with social integration remember that a highly targeted email sent to your existing customers can result in more traffic to your website.  This also creates higher-quality traffic that could result in higher overall traffic rates plus you can monitor how much time users spend on the site and where they go when they leave your site.

Keep in mind that the e-mail and social marketing space continues to change rapidly, remain aware of the changes so that you can adapt and maximize your outcome.  Recent research indicates that referals created from social networking are not equal to word-of-mouth referrals that typically convert five times faster then that of other referrals however, it is much more effective then just send an e-mail by itself.

Using e-mail and social to turn existing customers into effective social marketing channels while creating sales from those social referrals is now one of the leading marketing methods by leading businesses of all sizes.  This strategy will yeild both long and short term benefits which will last as long as you adapt to the changing landscape of social and e-mail marketing strategies.

What is your favorite way to combine e-mail with social networking?

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown


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  1. Hi Mark,

    Just started reading your web traffic blog a few days ago; and I’m loving your newest series on e-mail. Looking forward to the next installment,


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