Banner Ad Sizes

Banner Ad Basics for Your Blog or Business Site

Banner Ad marketing can be a very effective advertising method if done correctly.  I am going to share with you the key terms and some important banner ad statistics that will help you form your own opinion as to whether this is a method of generating web traffic to your site or offer.

The most common Banner Ad sizes:

Banner Ad Sizes
Let’s go over some key terms so that if you are new to banner advertising you can understand the jargon that most often accompanies banner advertisers:

Click Through Rate (CTR): the click through rate is the percentage of online viewers who click a banner ad.  An example of CTR would be, if your banner received a 0.1% CTR for every 1,000 people that see a banner ad, one person clicked on it.

Impressions: impressions are the number of times your ad is viewed. Impressions have been a measurement used in traditional banner advertising for many years and it’s still one of the most important metrics that you can measure.

Clicks: A click is simply the measurement of how many times a viewer clicks on any part of your banner ad. Clicks can be combined with impressions to calculate the metric above known as the click through rate (CTR).

Conversion: Conversions are measured by the conversion rate.  The conversion rate represents the amount or percentage of people who took the desired action you wanted them to take as a result of seeing your banner ad.

Conversions are different from clicks or click throughs and conversions are only clicks that result in actions you specifically defined.  An example of what triggers a click to be counted as a conversion would be the action taken once a viewer clicks on your banner, such as downloading a free report, signing up for your newsletter, or making a purchase.

Banner Ad Facts:

1. Over 5.3 trillion display ads were served to U.S. users last year(2012) – (ComScore)
2. That’s 1 trillion more than in 2009. (ComScore)
3. 445 different advertisers delivered more than a billion banner ads in 2012. (ComScore)
4. The typical Internet user is shown 1,707 banner ads per month. (Comscore)
5. 25-34-year olds see 2,094 banner ads per month. (ComScore)
6. 8 percent of Internet users account for 85 percent of clicks. (ComScore)
7. The 468 x 60 banner has a .04 percent click rate. (DoubleClick)
8. Up to 50 percent of clicks on mobile banner ads are accidental. (GoldSpot Media)
9. 15 percent of people trust banner ads completely or somewhat, compared to 29 percent for TV ads. (eMarketer)
10. 34 percent don’t trust banner ads at all or much, compared to 26 percent for magazine ads. (eMarketer)

You can see examples of banner ads at the top of this site or at the right side of this site.

An excellent Banner Ad exchange that I highly recommend is  this is a no cost site where you can get a feel for how banner advertising works.

Here’s to your banner ad success,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

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