40% Rise in Website Traffic for Asian Games Site

InternationalWebTrafficNewsThe Chinese Internet portal Netease.com recently reported that traffic for its 16th Guangzhou Asian Games reporting system has increased by 40 percent last week.

Netease is the authorized provider of the official website of the 16th Asian Games. The reporting system consists of five sub-systems providing live video, online chat, events, results, information, and medal tables, plus a comprehensive database.

To date, the site has the second highest traffic volume of Netease’s products, behind q.163.com, a picture database.

Earlier, in its third quarter financial report, Netease said its net profits jumped 48.5 percent to 87.5 million US dollars from 12 months ago, driven mainly by the seasonal recovery in advertising and the income from the Asian Games as reported by by Duan Jing, duanjing@xinhua.org on TMCnet.com


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