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Will the FCC Rule on Net Neutrality This Week?

Web Traffic News Map ImageLast week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) postponed it’s December 15th meeting that was set to rule on “Net Neutrality” or open internet protocols due to opposition from the Republican Party. 

A new meeting is set for this week however, no one from the FCC would comment on if they would or would not in fact discuss or vote on the controversial web traffic rules, laws, or regulations. 

One of the key debates leading up to this meeting is if a ruling would be decided  on whether high-speed Internet providers couldbe allowed to regulate or charge websites and their owners for faster services that would reach users more quickly. 

Republican legislators signed a letter that said any FCC action on Net neutrality would be a mistake that  could force companies to cut investment budgets and jobs in order to preserve profits.  Other items up for consideration are the regulation of how fast hand held devices can recieve and download video and other content.

What are your thoughts on the matter, do you have any, is this an important issue to you – let’s talk about it, leave me a comment.

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