Website Traffic Hacked in Brazil

Web Traffic News Brazil Image Web traffic around the world continues to be hacked as reports pour in from nations all over the world.  Just one of the most recent reports that I am bringing to you is from the beautiful country of Brazil.  The CNN International website has reported Brazillian government as well as numerous other sites within the country were targeted and temporarily disabled, hacked, or shut down completely.

Here is a list of sites from Brazil that were hacked:

The Institute of Geography and Statistics which contains Brazil’s census data.
The Ministry of Sports
President Dilma Rousseff’s site
The Petrobras Oil Company site
The Brazillian Tax Collection Agency

2 Groups have claimed ownership of the attacks; Fail Shell and LulzSec.

Both groups claim to  have carried out the website traffic denial and diversion attacks for the justice of the people and to improve living conditions for all people within the country.

What are your thoughts on website hacking by individuals and groups worldwide, leave me a comment and let me know?

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