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The Web Traffic Reporter ranked as Top CEO

CEO facts for The Web Traffic Reporter     A friend of mine on Linkedin recently sent me a message to alert me to the fact that “The Web Traffic Reporter” (Mark Edward Brown) was ranked as a top level CEO in a new web ranking site.

The name of this site is and I wanted to share some of the cool stats that were revealed to me when I visited the site:

My CEO rank is – 63% of all CEO’s ranked at so obviously I need your help raising my rank.

Please click on the image to go and vote for me to help me raise my rank…Thank You in Advance!

I am required to get 3 more votes in order to raise their confidence level in me as a Web Traffic CEO.

Of all of the people who voted for me there is a combined professional experience in years of: 111 years

The average number of years of experience of the people who voted for me are: 28 years

57% of the time a non coworker has voted for me

So there you have it.  As you can see and read, I need your vote.

Go Vote and leave me a comment about why you did or did not vote?

The Web Traffic Reporter


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