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Web Traffic from video forcasted for South Africa

South African Face/Flag     South Africa is lagging behind the United States and Europe in its adoption and use of video and Web TV.  Trends are emerging that the corporate culture in South Africa is waking up to the benefits and the related website traffic that it can bring.

Andrew Aitken, director of technology for a video streaming service provider had this to say regarding the matter;

There has been a fear of any on-line video initiative in South Africa because companies are scared of non-delivery problems. But as we move inexorably into this market, this fear is waning – and I believe South African companies will start to adopt this burgeoning technology far more rapidly in the next three to five years.

According to a report from Cisco, the annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, an initiative to track and forecast the impact of visual networking applications – the Middle East and Africa will have the strongest video to PC web traffic growth of any region at 107% CAGR [compound annual growth rate].

According to the Cisco research, the average monthly website traffic in 2014 will be amount to 32 million people streaming Avatar in 3D continuously for an entire month.

I think it’s critical to report all types of traffic which courses through the internet’s veins.  Is there a web traffic related topic that you would like me to report on that I have not covered yet?  Leave me a comment and let me know?

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