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3 Ways to Increase Web Traffic to Your Blog

3 ways to increase blog traffic

Here are 3 tips for how to increase web traffic to your blog.  Read on to learn how to attract readers and keep them coming back so that you can build relationships and business contacts:

1. Use the Search Engines

Right now 80% of people find blogs and websites via search engines.  Because of this importatnt fact Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should not be ignored.

Your goal shoudl be to get your blog on the first page of the major search engines.  Search Engine optimization from outside of your site is just as important to driving traffic as pulling web traffic to it from the outside in.

2. Use E-mail

Another easy way you can increase your blog traffic is by capturing the email address of your visitors to your site.  Once you have their permission to send them e-mail you will want to keep them updated about upcoming events, new products, promotions, or even special anouncements.

3. Guest Post for More Traffic

Another way to increase traffic to your blog is to seek out blogs in your niche that allow writers to guest post.  When you write a great post, leave a compelling call to action, and have a memorable signature file you will get traffic to your blog.

When you reach out to other people online and share useful information they will come back to your blog again and again.  You don’t have to have your own content all the time either.  Share what you find useful, post articles and videos that inspire you and chances are it will inspire your readers.

Now you have 3 proven methods for increasing blog traffic and rankings that will keep your readers engaged. Set aside some time in your day to get moving with your blog promotion strategies, stay consistent, and over time you will see the results that you desire.

To your blogging and traffic success always,

The Web Traffic Reporter

SEO and Social are Top Web Traffic Drivers for India

India's National Flag     Last month website traffic stats were released indicating that search engines are still drive the #1 source of website traffic in India with social traffic coming in 2nd and on the rise.  The marketing research firm, Experian reported that search engine traffic in India is now at around 17% of traffic to websites and social networks next at 14%.

Business and financial sites had the 3rd most traffic with 29%, airlines were 2nd with 32% and the #1 sector that recieved the most web traffic was the automotive industry.

Social web traffic netted 6% of the activity relating to business sites, with 4% coming in next for aviation related sites.  Experian also found the products receiving the highest volume of searches were mobile phones, laptops, cameras, entertainment related searches, footwear, watches and apparel.

In the social media space, Experian reports that Facebook received 52% of all searches which is an increase up from 27% last year.  YouTube, was the second most popular site, claiming 20% of visits, which is up 17% from last year as well.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Certified Web Traffic and Independant Marketing Advisor

Independent Marketing Advisor

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Stop back in the coming days and weeks to read the new web traffic news articles that will soon be arriving in the Local web traffic, Mobile website traffic, and social traffic categories.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

New Web Traffic News Logos for You to Choose

Ever since I debuted the Web Traffic News Blog a few months ago I have been getting way more compliments, comments, and suggestions for what you want to see it develop into and that is the #1 Website Traffic News Site in the Universe!

There are 3 improvements that I am working on right now and I really need your input on the most important one which is, a new logo.  Take a look at the primo logos my designer created for me and you to choose from:


Once I recieved these beauties I couldn’t decide which one I like best so I knew exactly what I had to do.  I asked my friends, client, and family which one they like the best and here is what the vote came down to:


So there you have it, it’s between #2 and #7 and 2 is in the lead.

Tell me which one you like best by leaving me a comment and voting for your favorite logo and thanks!

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Web Traffic to Online Newspapers Increases

WebTrafficUp     As a cyber journalist and curator of website traffic related content, information about website traffic and newspapers really  interests me which is why I wanted to share this piece with you.  I am also introducing a snipet of content curated from Google.  I was reading through a prominent online financial publication where the author indicated that:

newspaper publishing is the most obsolete industry in America” – Porter Stansberry, The S & A Digest

In the article Dan Ferris and Sean Goldsmith continue that, Gannett, the company that owns USA Today is still in a steady decline. In mid-October 2011 the company announced that it’s third-quarter earnings fell almost 4%. Revenue from publishing and broadcasting fell 5% and 6%, as well and the only positive was that the company’s online division, which includes all newspaper websites gained 21% in total revenue.

To further explain the migration from print news, and how website traffic to online news sites has increased consider the recent merger of ABC News and Yahoo.  Also see this content rom Google:

NAA: Newspaper web traffic soars – Newspapers and Technology

NAA: Newspaper web traffic soarsNewspapers and TechnologyAmong the results: This is the first annual comparison of website traffic the NAA has been able to issue since it began using comScore to track Web audience data in September 2010. Caroline Lit …

This article explains how web traffic to newspaper websites rose 20 percent between September 2010 and September 2011 according to statistics released last week by the Newspaper Association of America

The big question that I want to know from you is: where do you read your news, online or offline?

Leave me  a comment tell me if you still like the “paper” newspaper or online news sites,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Web Traffic Rules Proposed by China

ChinaInternetImage     * First Featured at Technorati*

Last week, China called on the United Nations to develop a comprehensive set of web traffic rules for the internet.  Chinese government officials claim that the United Nations is best suited for the task due to it’s role in global and geo-political affairs.

The Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs, addressed the UN General Assembly on information and cyberspace security.  The Chinese voice their concern that the internet is now ingrained in virtually all aspects of our society and has serious concerns that there are no comprehensive website traffic rules.

The ambassador voiced his concerns about web traffic related incidents where malicious damage has occured and stressed his countries plea for international rules and guidelines that govern cyber security of various countries.

Last month, China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan submitted to the UN General Assembly an “International Code of Conduct for Information Security” that pushes for the implimentation of an open and transparent process for developing, within the framework of the United Nations, international norms and rules for information and cybersecurity.

The Chinese want all UN member states to join in responsible and constructive initiatives to control and govern web traffic flow in cyber space.  Claiming that the internet connects all people more closely within seconds of each other, they are seeking to build peaceful, secure, and equitable cyber security.

The Chinese ambassador called on the international community to work together to make cyber technology better in order to serve world peace and the “well-being” of mankind.

How do you feel about the United Nations governoring your online abilities?  Leave me a comment and let me know,

Mark “The WebTrafficReporter” Brown