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SEO and Social are Top Web Traffic Drivers for India

India's National Flag     Last month website traffic stats were released indicating that search engines are still drive the #1 source of website traffic in India with social traffic coming in 2nd and on the rise.  The marketing research firm, Experian reported that search engine traffic in India is now at around 17% of traffic to websites and social networks next at 14%.

Business and financial sites had the 3rd most traffic with 29%, airlines were 2nd with 32% and the #1 sector that recieved the most web traffic was the automotive industry.

Social web traffic netted 6% of the activity relating to business sites, with 4% coming in next for aviation related sites.  Experian also found the products receiving the highest volume of searches were mobile phones, laptops, cameras, entertainment related searches, footwear, watches and apparel.

In the social media space, Experian reports that Facebook received 52% of all searches which is an increase up from 27% last year.  YouTube, was the second most popular site, claiming 20% of visits, which is up 17% from last year as well.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

New Web Traffic News Logos for You to Choose

Ever since I debuted the Web Traffic News Blog a few months ago I have been getting way more compliments, comments, and suggestions for what you want to see it develop into and that is the #1 Website Traffic News Site in the Universe!

There are 3 improvements that I am working on right now and I really need your input on the most important one which is, a new logo.  Take a look at the primo logos my designer created for me and you to choose from:


Once I recieved these beauties I couldn’t decide which one I like best so I knew exactly what I had to do.  I asked my friends, client, and family which one they like the best and here is what the vote came down to:


So there you have it, it’s between #2 and #7 and 2 is in the lead.

Tell me which one you like best by leaving me a comment and voting for your favorite logo and thanks!

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Backlinks so easy a monkee can build them

Submit your  content Every Day to 25 social  bookmarking sites, all on unique  C class IPs... FREE.     Building backlinks to your website is an essential part of getting web traffic and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons:

1) The first reason is that it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important because you want all the traffic you can get and for the search engines to find it as soon as possible and crawl it regularly.

2) The second reason is that it helps your pages get higher search engine rankings for the keywords of your choice. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic you get. Period.

However, building backlinks can be a time-consuming and boring process. You can outsource the process to a third party and pay a lot of money or you can do it yourself with SocialMonkee

Social Monkee is an instant backlink builder that allows you to build 25 unique backlinks, every day, for FREE! All links are on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains. Imagine being able to create 25 unique backlinks every day, with the click of a button.

25 unique backlinks every day comes up to a total of 175 backlinks every week and 750 every month.  There is also an upgraded level which enables you to build 100 uniques backlinks, 3 times a day!  That’s a total of 2,100 backlinks every week, 9,000 every month! The good news is, the folks at SocialMonkee will give you a premium account for no cost as long as you refer 12 members. If you’re not really into referral marketing, you may upgrade anytime for a low one-time fee.

Submitting a page to SocialMonkee via the members area takes under two minutes, but there’s an even faster way to get backlinks to your website. They created a Firefox plugin that allows you to submit your page to up to 100 sites in just a few clicks, using nothing other than Firefox! If you have a Premium Account you will also get access to link reports and RSS feeds, which are great to keep track of your backlinks and get them indexed fast. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS submitters is actually a very important step in link building.

So what are you waiting for? Join SocialMonkee now while it’s still free and get all the web traffic and links your site can handle.

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Hybrid Traffic Platforms Best at Driving Free Web Traffic

website traffic image     Chris Richardson from recently reported that users of Facebook and Twitter don’t like leaving either site thus they are poor at delivering website traffic.  He goes even farther than just writing it down, Chris backs it up with proof in the form of reference from previous studies and charts from sites such as The Drudge Report

One of my all time favorite methods of no cost traffic delivery is a site called Traffic Dynamite

Traffic Dynamite is more of a traffic community with flexible tools anyone can use to drive web traffic to their sites, blogs, fanpages, twitter profile etc.  With a built in banner, text ad, and traffic exchnage – website traffic is virtually guaranteed.  As long and you can click a mouse you can get free traffic to your site.

Additional features such as social integration and RSS blog technology which allows you to promote your articles and blog posts makes Traffic Dynamite a no brainer.

I like most social media sites however I think that some business people miss the mark when they only focus on using them as traffic sources instead of the socially interactive meeting places that they were designed to be.  It’s not completely impossible to drive traffic using these types of sites either however it does cost money and right now there is no shortage of training courses and e-books that will show you how to market to target markets of your choice on Facebook but it will cost you.

If no cost traffic is your goal as well as effective marketing and promotion of your website seek out traditional traffic drivers such as the site I previoulsy mentioned – you wont be sorry and as Chris reported content sites are better at driving traffic than social sites at the present moment.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Ipad Rules Digital Device Web Traffic Delivery

Web Traffic News Ipad Image In a recent press release by comScore Apple’s Ipad was named as the most influential digital device that delivers website traffic in 13 national markets.  The report further states that the Ipad 89% of all tablet based web traffic devices globally.

The highest concentration of website traffic was deliverd in Canada and the second highest geographical delivery point was Brazil.  Coincidentaly I recently reported in the International Web Traffic News category that Brazil’s web traffic delivery was recently hacked by two separate groups; read more about that story HERE <—–click to read

Of further note is that the Android platform was lagging in comparison to the Ipad over mobile networks vs. WiFi/Lan networks as well.

So all of you Ipad owners out there and even Android owners, it’s time to chime in and leave a comment about why you like or dont like your digital/mobile device?

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Website Traffic Hacked in Brazil

Web Traffic News Brazil Image Web traffic around the world continues to be hacked as reports pour in from nations all over the world.  Just one of the most recent reports that I am bringing to you is from the beautiful country of Brazil.  The CNN International website has reported Brazillian government as well as numerous other sites within the country were targeted and temporarily disabled, hacked, or shut down completely.

Here is a list of sites from Brazil that were hacked:

The Institute of Geography and Statistics which contains Brazil’s census data.
The Ministry of Sports
President Dilma Rousseff’s site
The Petrobras Oil Company site
The Brazillian Tax Collection Agency

2 Groups have claimed ownership of the attacks; Fail Shell and LulzSec.

Both groups claim to  have carried out the website traffic denial and diversion attacks for the justice of the people and to improve living conditions for all people within the country.

What are your thoughts on website hacking by individuals and groups worldwide, leave me a comment and let me know?

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