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The Web Traffic News will soon be reporting on Local, Mobile, and Social website traffic news items of interest.  Mark Edward Brown, The Web Traffic Reporter has just completed certification in the Dot Com Secrets “Independant Marketing Advisor” course.  This course is endorsed by web marketing millionaire Russell Brunson, the owner of Dot Com Secrets.

One of the ways that you can benefit from the immediate outcomes of the above mentioned certification is to watch the presentation about how to get 100 new clients in 100 days or less video HERE <—-Click There!

Stop back in the coming days and weeks to read the new web traffic news articles that will soon be arriving in the Local web traffic, Mobile website traffic, and social traffic categories.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

New Web Traffic News Logos for You to Choose

Ever since I debuted the Web Traffic News Blog a few months ago I have been getting way more compliments, comments, and suggestions for what you want to see it develop into and that is the #1 Website Traffic News Site in the Universe!

There are 3 improvements that I am working on right now and I really need your input on the most important one which is, a new logo.  Take a look at the primo logos my designer created for me and you to choose from:


Once I recieved these beauties I couldn’t decide which one I like best so I knew exactly what I had to do.  I asked my friends, client, and family which one they like the best and here is what the vote came down to:


So there you have it, it’s between #2 and #7 and 2 is in the lead.

Tell me which one you like best by leaving me a comment and voting for your favorite logo and thanks!

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Web Traffic News Enhancements

News image     I have great news for all web traffic news readers, the first enhancement I want to tell you about is the addition of my friend George Zapo, George is an established businessman who blogs about business, SEO, Social Media and many other related topics of interest.  Tomarrow I will be featuring a blog post from George about an important web traffic tip that you will not want to miss so be sure to come back tomarrow for George’s debut article.

The next item you will notice is that I changed the theme of the Web Traffic News Blog.  The change in theme was partially due to an error experienced with the old theme when I conducted the last WordPress update and partially due to the fact that I wanted to integrate more social media options for you to connect with me on the social sites :-)

The final topic of mention is actually a 3 in one.  Directly above this  post, over on the left and in the upper right hand corner of the blog are social media icons that will allow you to share web traffic news as well as link up with me on social media sites.  Don’t get me wrong, I luv when you leave a comment so that we can discusss the current state of online web traffic delivery and news, but I also want to be more visible in the social sphere as well.

These days it seems like traffic and social media go to gether like a refreshing glass of ice cold water on a hot summer day.

Look for George’s post tomarrow and leave me a comment if you have any web traffic news stories of interest.  I would luv to add more web traffic news reporters so let me know o.k.?

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Is Russia the Home of Web Traffic Attacks?

Russian Flag image at the Web Traffic News Blog In a recent report from Akamai Technologies and the Networking @ IT Business Blog Russia is the #1 country where website attack traffic originates, or close to it anyway.  In the Akamai state of the internet report they said: “our observations show the attacks clearly originate in Russia, they could be coming from somewhere else and are being proxied or forwarded through Russia.”

The ports that were attacked the most were:
a) 445 (a microsoft directory service)
b) 23 (Telnet)
c) 22 (SSH)

The best way to protect against such attacks is to use a firewall or a router that blocks access to the port.

In regards to the increased media coverage regarding hacking and website attacks do you find it likely that Russia really could be the source or do you think hackers are smart enough to make it look like the source is Russia when it really isn’t?

Leave me your comments below and let me know?

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Ipad Rules Digital Device Web Traffic Delivery

Web Traffic News Ipad Image In a recent press release by comScore Apple’s Ipad was named as the most influential digital device that delivers website traffic in 13 national markets.  The report further states that the Ipad 89% of all tablet based web traffic devices globally.

The highest concentration of website traffic was deliverd in Canada and the second highest geographical delivery point was Brazil.  Coincidentaly I recently reported in the International Web Traffic News category that Brazil’s web traffic delivery was recently hacked by two separate groups; read more about that story HERE <—–click to read

Of further note is that the Android platform was lagging in comparison to the Ipad over mobile networks vs. WiFi/Lan networks as well.

So all of you Ipad owners out there and even Android owners, it’s time to chime in and leave a comment about why you like or dont like your digital/mobile device?

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown