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Hybrid Traffic Platforms Best at Driving Free Web Traffic

website traffic image     Chris Richardson from recently reported that users of Facebook and Twitter don’t like leaving either site thus they are poor at delivering website traffic.  He goes even farther than just writing it down, Chris backs it up with proof in the form of reference from previous studies and charts from sites such as The Drudge Report

One of my all time favorite methods of no cost traffic delivery is a site called Traffic Dynamite

Traffic Dynamite is more of a traffic community with flexible tools anyone can use to drive web traffic to their sites, blogs, fanpages, twitter profile etc.  With a built in banner, text ad, and traffic exchnage – website traffic is virtually guaranteed.  As long and you can click a mouse you can get free traffic to your site.

Additional features such as social integration and RSS blog technology which allows you to promote your articles and blog posts makes Traffic Dynamite a no brainer.

I like most social media sites however I think that some business people miss the mark when they only focus on using them as traffic sources instead of the socially interactive meeting places that they were designed to be.  It’s not completely impossible to drive traffic using these types of sites either however it does cost money and right now there is no shortage of training courses and e-books that will show you how to market to target markets of your choice on Facebook but it will cost you.

If no cost traffic is your goal as well as effective marketing and promotion of your website seek out traditional traffic drivers such as the site I previoulsy mentioned – you wont be sorry and as Chris reported content sites are better at driving traffic than social sites at the present moment.

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Social Web Traffic Standings for the UK

Great Britain flagimage Social website traffic in the United Kingdom is a hot topic these days and the social media sites as well as the search engines are all jockeying for position as the leading web traffic consumer in countries all over the world.

Here is how the website traffic stats are playing out in Great Britain as it pertains to the social networks and top search engines:

Facebook overtook Microsoft last month with 26.8 million visitors vs. MSN’s 26.2

Twitter and Linkedin both experienced increased traffic surges in the previous months as well.

One of the leading demographics is the 50 years of age and older crowd is beginning to take a liking to social networking and are spending more time online exploring the options of being more connected.

No matter what country you are in, I think it’s a good idea for folks of all ages to experience and use social networking, leave me a comment and tell me what you think?

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UK Breaks Twitter Web Traffic Record

Twitter Image at WTN recently broke a story about how in one day 1 in every 200 UK web visits was to which resulted in a 14% rise in web traffic vs. the previous day.

I’m sure you want to know what caused such a spike in the United Kingdom’s Twitter traffic delivery so here’s is the  bottom line;

The rich and famous in the UK (celbrities) were tweeting about photo’s showing up in public places against their wishes and how they were going to the courts to petition for court orders to put a “gag” or media black out on anyone or any media outlet that leaked pictures without proper consent.

It turns out that celebrity gossip drove the largetst traffic spike that Twitter in the UK has ever seen.  An interesting tidbit is that Londom is said to be the largest collection (nest) of Twitter users worldwide.

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WPN Shows How To Get Web Traffic From LinkedIn

Web Traffic News and has reported that due to the recent and incredibly successful IPO last week, LinkedIn is holding its own on a global, cyber stage like few other social networks can do.

I would like to bring your attention to the fact that LinkedIn is a potentially positive source of web traffic due to it’s 100 million plus and growing network or professional members who are reported to be the most affluent of all of the social networks.

Surprisingly, there is allot of interactivity on the LinkedIn network as well as offsite traffic that gets driven to the site by plugins on other people’s sites and blogs.

LinkedIn has the appeal of being able to deliver targeted traffic and with it’s own news feed just like Twitter and Facebook plus the ability to use apps, SlideShare or Google Presentation, which allow you to add presentations to your profile, and the Reading List by Amazon, which invites you to post books you’re reading and share your reviews with your LinkedIn connections, users are sure to create dialogue with likeminded members.

Obviously, if you’re not using it as a traffic source you are missing out on allot of potential for profits in more than one way. 

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BBC Online Website Crashes Reports the Web Traffic Reporter

BBC News     On the BBC Internet Blog, Richard Cooper recently reported that due to technical problems there was a total outage of the news site, iPlayer and other BBC related web services.

Although this outage only lasted about one hour it was a web traffic related blackout that was both speculated and reported to be either a Denial of Service attack or a system failure.

Add to that the problem of multiple systems and their backups failing, one can understand why many BBC users began using Twitter and other social traffic sites to spread the news and their discontent.

BBC officials denied that this was a  malicious attack by hackers that crashed the website’s servers by swamping it with requests from computers that were also hijacked using malicious software.

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