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Web Traffic from video forcasted for South Africa

South African Face/Flag     South Africa is lagging behind the United States and Europe in its adoption and use of video and Web TV.  Trends are emerging that the corporate culture in South Africa is waking up to the benefits and the related website traffic that it can bring.

Andrew Aitken, director of technology for a video streaming service provider had this to say regarding the matter;

There has been a fear of any on-line video initiative in South Africa because companies are scared of non-delivery problems. But as we move inexorably into this market, this fear is waning – and I believe South African companies will start to adopt this burgeoning technology far more rapidly in the next three to five years.

According to a report from Cisco, the annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, an initiative to track and forecast the impact of visual networking applications – the Middle East and Africa will have the strongest video to PC web traffic growth of any region at 107% CAGR [compound annual growth rate].

According to the Cisco research, the average monthly website traffic in 2014 will be amount to 32 million people streaming Avatar in 3D continuously for an entire month.

I think it’s critical to report all types of traffic which courses through the internet’s veins.  Is there a web traffic related topic that you would like me to report on that I have not covered yet?  Leave me a comment and let me know?

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

India Ranks 7th in the World for Antagonistic Website Traffic

India image Recently Akamai Technologies, Inc. published survey data gathered from the Akamai Internet platform, which carries between 15-30 percent of the world’s web traffic at any one time.  This website traffic survey related data was for the 1st quarter 2011 and showed that India was ranked #7 globally for attack traffic origination, and was the source of 3.8 percent of the world’s observed attack traffic.

Sanjay Singh, Managing Director – India, Akamai Technologies, said, “Our global platform of nearly 100,000 servers, in 74 countries, across 1000+ networks, provides us with a unique vantage point of Internet adoption in India and allows us to compare data with other developing and developed countries.  The number of unique IP addresses connecting to our platform from India grew by 21 percent in Q1.”

Some other internet related data for India is: In the first quarter of 2011, approximately 7 million unique IP addresses from India connected to the Akamai Internet platform. This equates to 6 unique IPs per 1,000 people on average and represents 21 percent more IP addresses than connected in the fourth quarter of 2010.

In the first quarter of 2011, the average connection speed from India was 0.8 Mbps, growing at 0.7 percent quarter over quarter.  The percentage of narrowband connections from India (speeds below 256 kbps) was at 35 percent, while the percentage of broadband connections (speeds above 2 Mbps) was at 4.9 percent.

How are internet speeds where you live, leave me a comment and let me know, do you use dial-up, broadband, cable, dsl, wireless ~ tell me about it in a comment below.

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Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

Is Russia the Home of Web Traffic Attacks?

Russian Flag image at the Web Traffic News Blog In a recent report from Akamai Technologies and the Networking @ IT Business Blog Russia is the #1 country where website attack traffic originates, or close to it anyway.  In the Akamai state of the internet report they said: “our observations show the attacks clearly originate in Russia, they could be coming from somewhere else and are being proxied or forwarded through Russia.”

The ports that were attacked the most were:
a) 445 (a microsoft directory service)
b) 23 (Telnet)
c) 22 (SSH)

The best way to protect against such attacks is to use a firewall or a router that blocks access to the port.

In regards to the increased media coverage regarding hacking and website attacks do you find it likely that Russia really could be the source or do you think hackers are smart enough to make it look like the source is Russia when it really isn’t?

Leave me your comments below and let me know?

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Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

New, Web Traffic News Vidoe Update

RaiseHandImage I have been receiving allot of comments and suggestions so keep them coming.  One of the re-occuring requests is that I add video to the site, so I am doing exactly that.  About every 2 weeks I will film a video update and post it here on the Web Traffic News Blog.

This video update discusses how I lost access to one of my other traffic blogs, 2 guys who you should know about and how they relate to web traffic and I ask a question related to blogging as well.

I recieved some great comments on this video when I posted it at Facebook so be sure to add you two cents if you have not done so previously?

Watch the Web Traffic News Video Update below:

Web Traffic News Update by Mark Edward Brown

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The Web Traffic Reporter ~ Mark Edward Brown

Social Web Traffic Standings for the UK

Great Britain flagimage Social website traffic in the United Kingdom is a hot topic these days and the social media sites as well as the search engines are all jockeying for position as the leading web traffic consumer in countries all over the world.

Here is how the website traffic stats are playing out in Great Britain as it pertains to the social networks and top search engines:

Facebook overtook Microsoft last month with 26.8 million visitors vs. MSN’s 26.2

Twitter and Linkedin both experienced increased traffic surges in the previous months as well.

One of the leading demographics is the 50 years of age and older crowd is beginning to take a liking to social networking and are spending more time online exploring the options of being more connected.

No matter what country you are in, I think it’s a good idea for folks of all ages to experience and use social networking, leave me a comment and tell me what you think?

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Iranian Government Web Traffic Hacked by Anonymous

Iranian Flag Image     Recently on,  Stephen C. Webster reported that a protest group calling themselves “Anonymous” took control of Iranian Government website traffic by hacking multiple sites and servers that are said to be controlled by the Iranian Government.

The reason for this hacking event is said to be in protest of a detention center in Iran where multiple human rights violations have taken place.  Additionally, Anonymous wants the people of Iran to know that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom under the oppresive rule of the current regime.

The original report was aired on 3 JUN 11, and on 7 JUN11 (4 days) later when I re-publicized this report the  Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs site was still offline.

Much of the comments following this story on the Raw Story site are about the conspiratorial nature of this hacking event.  I am interested in your point of view from a purely web traffic standpoint, who do you think could be behind this event?  Do you think any one person, group of people or government sponsored operative is behind this situation?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

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