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J.C. Penny embroiled in web traffic battle with Google and SearchDex

Google Slap image at Web Traffic NewsJ.C. Penney’s recently fired it’s SEO/online web traffic consultant over allegations by Google that it gamed the Google bots and almighty algorythm as reported by the N.Y. Times.  Penney was said to have locked down top rankings going into the holiday buying season for numerous search terms that prior to this incident would have been unavailable to only one retailer.

Google reported that it had caught J.C. Penney once before yet they were unaware that a similar incident had happened again until just recently.  Penneys replied with a statement saying that they did not authorize nor were they aware of the link / SEO strategies being employed by their paid search consultants SearchDex and that what had occured was against their natural search policies.

This whole fiasco begs the question about corporate entities being loosely regulated by Google due to ad revenue made by Google and retail profits made by J.C. Penney.  What are your thoghts on this situation?  Do you think Google is doing enough to regulate it’s larger ad accounts or not?

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