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Is Russia the Home of Web Traffic Attacks?

Russian Flag image at the Web Traffic News Blog In a recent report from Akamai Technologies and the Networking @ IT Business Blog Russia is the #1 country where website attack traffic originates, or close to it anyway.  In the Akamai state of the internet report they said: “our observations show the attacks clearly originate in Russia, they could be coming from somewhere else and are being proxied or forwarded through Russia.”

The ports that were attacked the most were:
a) 445 (a microsoft directory service)
b) 23 (Telnet)
c) 22 (SSH)

The best way to protect against such attacks is to use a firewall or a router that blocks access to the port.

In regards to the increased media coverage regarding hacking and website attacks do you find it likely that Russia really could be the source or do you think hackers are smart enough to make it look like the source is Russia when it really isn’t?

Leave me your comments below and let me know?

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Web Traffic Cripples Russian News Paper Site

Russian image     A cyber attack paralyzed the web site of Novaya Gazeta on recently in Russia after a massive denial-of-service attack.  The attacks were caused by an influx of computers all trying to connect to the news site at the same time, which overwhelmed the computer server that handles all of the sites web traffic.

     Novaya Gazeta’s web site typically receives upto 120,000 unique visitors every day, but this attack was so strong that at one point the website recieved 70,000 visit requests every in mere seconds repeatedly.

     The attacks were aimed to discredit alternative points of view which were said to be a move to censor the site.   LiveJournal, Russia’s most popular blogging site, suffered similiar outages earlier as well.  Dmitry Medvedev, President and blogging enthusiast, condemned the attack as “outrageous and illegal.”

The attacks were also linked to an upcoming vote.   Novaya Gazeta reported that the attack on the newspaper and on LiveJournal originated from the same source.  Bloggers have speculated that the authorities were behind the LiveJournal attack, saying that no one else has the resources within the country to stage a web attack like that

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