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Social Web Traffic Standings for the UK

Great Britain flagimage Social website traffic in the United Kingdom is a hot topic these days and the social media sites as well as the search engines are all jockeying for position as the leading web traffic consumer in countries all over the world.

Here is how the website traffic stats are playing out in Great Britain as it pertains to the social networks and top search engines:

Facebook overtook Microsoft last month with 26.8 million visitors vs. MSN’s 26.2

Twitter and Linkedin both experienced increased traffic surges in the previous months as well.

One of the leading demographics is the 50 years of age and older crowd is beginning to take a liking to social networking and are spending more time online exploring the options of being more connected.

No matter what country you are in, I think it’s a good idea for folks of all ages to experience and use social networking, leave me a comment and tell me what you think?

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Web Traffic Trends According to Com Score

Web Traffic TrendsIn a recent website traffic trends report released by Com Score Inc. they ranked the top 50 U.S. web properties for October 2010.  The top 5 companies who saw the largest increase in web traffic were:

2) McDonald’s Restaurants
3) Toys R Us Online Websites
4) FrostWire
5) AVG Technologies

The Top 5 categories that had the largest increase in website traffic were:

1) Online Gambling
2) Comedy
3) Computer Software
4) E-Cards
5) Flowers, Gifts, and Greetings

The Top 5 US Websites Overall were:

1) Google
2) Yahoo
3) Microsoft
4) Facebook
5) AOL

The Top 5 Ad Networks were:

1) Google (Ad network)
2) Yahoo (Network plus)
3) AOL
4) Yahoo sites
5) Google

What does all of this data mean?

Here is a direct quote from Jeff Hackett the Executive Vice President of Com Score:  “Web activity was largely impacted by the midterm election in October which drove increased traffic to political news sites, while online gambling sites saw gains due to interest in the 2010 World Series of Poker,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix. “We also saw seasonal growth at e-cards and Flowers/Gifts/Greetings sites driven by occasions like Sweetest Day and Halloween.”

Get the entire Com Score report here:

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