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SEO tips for more Website Traffic

www image The most important thing to know about SEO when it relates to getting traffic to your website is to keep it simple.  The top 2 strategies that come to mind are your keyword and link building strategy.

After you’ve selected your keywords by building your target keyword list, the next goal in building a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is to match each of those keywords to pages on your website. Where do you start, though?

Focusing on quick fixes that allow you to quickly make improvements in rankings and getting more traffic to your website is where you want to focus your attention.

1. Develop and research the right keywords: your target keyword list must relate to, match up with, and/or tie in with the subject or theme of your site.  If your site name has a keyword in it that helps as well.

2. Understand What’s Driving Web Traffic to Your Site: You must know how many page views and inbound links your pages are attracting, seek out an analytics service if your webhost does not provide understandable data.

3. Do Some Competitive Research: take a peek at your competitors’ pages to see if any of them relate to the same keyword or phrase that you use and then gather some data to assist you in removing them from your path to the top of the search engines.  Look for things like:
How have they optimized their title tags, and/or where are their inbound links coming from.  Those are just 2 areas that you can make adjustments and see improved ranking from in a short amount of time.


SEO for increased web traffic doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, especially if you focus on the low-hanging fruit already on your website.  You can also do just a few hours of research and save yourself both time and money by making thses tweaks yourself instead of paying an SEO Guru.  With focused SEO effort and a solid strategy you can drive sustainable traffic over time and monetize it at the same time for a powerful and profitable combination.

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How Backlinks Can Increase Website Traffic

Web Traffic News image     The Web Traffic News believes that backlinks are critical to increasing website traffic regardless if you have a static website or a blog.  To get quality backlinks it’s important that you write content that is well written and interesting to your reader because they are the ones that are going to backlink to it if they like it.

There are other mehtods one can use to get backlinks aside from writing blog posts.  You can try article writing, video submission sites, guest blogging, etc.  In the situations that I just mentioned when other people view your content and they like it, the chances are that they will add your link to their page. One way backlinks will help you gain the traffic you need in order to see a rise in your online exposure and potentially your business profits.

As mentioned above article directories are a great way to create traffic and backlinks.  Both bloggers and businesses alike should write top quality articles and submit them to the directories.  Not only will you get a backlink on a directory that ranks high in search page ranking, but other people will also link to the site if they find the article useful and informative.

Another method not previoulsy mentioned is that you can pay for the services of a company that buys backlinks for you. There are several companies on the internet that provide this service at an affordable cost. Make sure that you clearly understand which directories are included in your cost.  It is also important to note that some search engines frown on this method of link collection so if the quality of the backlinks you purchase are not high you may actually be penalized for them instead of them being a help to you.

One way backlinks are vital in getting your web page or blog noticed.  Getting allot of web traffic will increase your page views and help you to move up in the page rank system.  Moving up in the search engines will ensure that your site gets picked up by the search engine spiders as well.

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