Libyan Government Cuts Web Access Due To Civil War

The Libyan government has cut web access and although internet services had slowly started coming back online according to many sources, service is unreliable. All web traffic in and out … Read More

J.C. Penny embroiled in web traffic battle with Google and SearchDex

J.C. Penney’s recently fired it’s SEO/online web traffic consultant over allegations by Google that it gamed the Google bots and almighty algorythm as reported by the N.Y. Times.  Penney was … Read More

The Middle East’s Top 10 Website’s of 2010

Rahaf Makarati and Ahmad Al-Shagra of have compile a listing of the Middle East’s top10 websites of 2010.  The stated that there was “no clear source on where Middle Eastern … Read More

Web Traffic Search and Ranking Penalties Discovered Abroad

Marc Pinter-Krainer from has reported on a new campaign to gather examples from website owners who feel they may have been unfairly penalized by leading search engines.  The campaign website … Read More