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Google’s Website Traffic Hits 1 Billion

Google Image at Web Traffic News ComScore data has reported that Google and it’s empire of sites surpassed one billion unique website visitors last month (May 2011).  This is the first time that an internet based conglomerate has reached such a notable accomplishment.

Google’s web traffic has been monitored since as far back as 2006 and has steadily climbed as Google launched gmail and acquired YouTube.

Google faces stiff competition as the trends are changing from search advertising to social advertising on sites such as Facebook.

Have you noticed this trend changing, where would you spend your online advertising dollar, leave me a comment and let me know?

From the web traffic news desk,

The Web Traffic Reporter

Web Traffic Moguls, Secret Meetings and the One World Government

Anit New World Order imageAs the Web Traffic Reporter I would be doing you a dis-service if I did not report on specific facts as they pertain to website traffic and the current state of geo-political affairs.  Over the past coupld of days in Switzerland, an otherwise unassuming and generally globally neutral European country there have been meetings amongst a group of influential political and business magnates who are known to shape wold policy as it is to be carried out by countries around the world.

This group of people are known as the Bilderbergs.  I urge you to do your own research and form your own conclusions about this shadowy group of international players.  More importantly to the subject of this blog and the content of this post I want to point out that 2 very influential men who have a vested interest in the present and future of website traffic were in attendance at this meeting.

On Fox Business News, Judge Napoloitano aired the attendee’s of the reletively hush-hush Bilderberg conference.  The 2 men I mentioned above who were in attendance were Google CEO – Eric Schmidt and the Co-founder of Facebook – Chris Hughes.

What kind of web traffic conversations could a global power group such as the Bilderbergs want with men who work with the very inner and often behind the scenes workings of the sites that pulse with the very lifeblood of commerce and social data?

Do you think it’s possible that web giants such as these can be influenced by multi-generational money barons?

I am not much of a conspiracy theorist however, having now reported on such facts and raising questions that don’t have easy answers I am now bracing myself for the onslaught of naysayers and neer-do-wells who will come out of the wood work on the Bilderberg’s behalf to downplay the importance of the event mentioned above.

With all of the recent wild west antics of the world wide web such as the Anonymous hacking crew and the great IP debate what kind of way ahead to you forsee as a result of this historic meeting?

Leave me a comment and let me know,

The Web Traffic Reporter

Is it Possible for Website Traffic to Ever End?

Future Internet image     In a recent article from, Austin Carr reports that internet giants are teaming up to fix the web’s woes when it comes to website traffic and the possibility of web traffic ever grinding to a screeching halt.

The basic premise of the article claims that there is a shortage of IP addresses and that companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Google are joining forces to come up with solutions that will allow internet traffic to flow freely for generations to come.

Reportedly the solution is simple to understand yet hard to implement.  The problem is said to be based on outdated technology much like a 7 digit phone number without an area code or a mailing address without a zip code.  When the internet was in it’s infancy the data that it was launched from was adequate however since it’s inception to this point in cyber history new technologie is required which is why leading internet industry exec’s are teaming up to propel the world wide web into a secure operating future.

Interestingly the report states that the U.S. government was not consulted nor did it weigh in on if it approved of this course of action or not. 

I am interested on your point of view, do you think the way of the future is safe being left to “for profit” companies or is regulation by “big brother” a safer route?  Leave me a comment so we can talk about it.

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

WPN Shows How To Get Web Traffic From LinkedIn

Web Traffic News and has reported that due to the recent and incredibly successful IPO last week, LinkedIn is holding its own on a global, cyber stage like few other social networks can do.

I would like to bring your attention to the fact that LinkedIn is a potentially positive source of web traffic due to it’s 100 million plus and growing network or professional members who are reported to be the most affluent of all of the social networks.

Surprisingly, there is allot of interactivity on the LinkedIn network as well as offsite traffic that gets driven to the site by plugins on other people’s sites and blogs.

LinkedIn has the appeal of being able to deliver targeted traffic and with it’s own news feed just like Twitter and Facebook plus the ability to use apps, SlideShare or Google Presentation, which allow you to add presentations to your profile, and the Reading List by Amazon, which invites you to post books you’re reading and share your reviews with your LinkedIn connections, users are sure to create dialogue with likeminded members.

Obviously, if you’re not using it as a traffic source you are missing out on allot of potential for profits in more than one way. 

Please share your comments and connect with me on LinkedIn,

The Web Traffic Reporter

Social Networking Website Traffic Now Number 1 in the United Kingdom

Web traffic news paper people image     Since the 1st of the year reports are coming in that social networking web traffic has overtaken entertainment sites in the United Kingdom making social networking the number 1 most trafficed subject in the country.

     Multiple sources have reported based off of a Experian-Hitwise report that sites like  Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have increased in popularity so much that in January social networking made up 12.46% of all web traffic for the UK.  This is an increase over and above the countries entertainment sector which includes sites like iPlayer and Sky Sports.

Of importance to note is that people are not abandoning entertainment sites however they are spending more time on social networking sites.  The average time spent on social networking sites was 20 – 22 minutes and 1 in 8 people who left a social networking site were leaving it to go to another social networking site.  This effect on web traffic has caused traditional (offline) news and entertainment outlets to take note.

I think that traditional news and entertainment related information is being relayed and talked about on social networks which is causing these spikes in web traffic which in turns increases the amount of time folks are spending on social sites as well.

Do this make sense to you or am I completely out in left field?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about it:

To your social and traffic success,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown

The Middle East’s Top 10 Website’s of 2010

Map Image of the Middle East at Web Traffic NewsRahaf Makarati and Ahmad Al-Shagra of have compile a listing of the Middle East’s top10 websites of 2010.  The stated that there was “no clear source on where Middle Eastern traffic pours throughout the year, we factored in as much data as we could.”  They did mention sites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Comscore, and Alexa yet gave no definitive credit to one specific source.

Most of the sites listed were news sites or forums; here is the list as reported:

  1. Yahoo! Maktoob

The final commnet shared was “This year’s list makes it easy to predict the scene during 2011 with no major changes anticipated.”

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark Edward Brown
The Web Traffic Reporter