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Web Traffic Rules Proposed by China

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Last week, China called on the United Nations to develop a comprehensive set of web traffic rules for the internet.  Chinese government officials claim that the United Nations is best suited for the task due to it’s role in global and geo-political affairs.

The Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs, addressed the UN General Assembly on information and cyberspace security.  The Chinese voice their concern that the internet is now ingrained in virtually all aspects of our society and has serious concerns that there are no comprehensive website traffic rules.

The ambassador voiced his concerns about web traffic related incidents where malicious damage has occured and stressed his countries plea for international rules and guidelines that govern cyber security of various countries.

Last month, China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan submitted to the UN General Assembly an “International Code of Conduct for Information Security” that pushes for the implimentation of an open and transparent process for developing, within the framework of the United Nations, international norms and rules for information and cybersecurity.

The Chinese want all UN member states to join in responsible and constructive initiatives to control and govern web traffic flow in cyber space.  Claiming that the internet connects all people more closely within seconds of each other, they are seeking to build peaceful, secure, and equitable cyber security.

The Chinese ambassador called on the international community to work together to make cyber technology better in order to serve world peace and the “well-being” of mankind.

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The Web Traffic News Week End Review

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