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Web Traffic News Reports MGID Grows Global Traffic for UK

Digital Globe      MGID, a global news and content exchange service has anounced that it’s upping the stakes with a revamped website that reflects its position as a growing global force that help bloggers and publishers by  generating targeted traffic to their sites, free of charge.

MGID recently upgraded it’s patent-pending technology to drive traffic to third party sites.  Boasting more than 2,200 partners from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  Their web traffic platform distributes a publisher’s content to targeted services online. MGID’s claim to fame is the site over 1,000,000 visitors daily.

MGID helps website owners increase their traffic at no cost by placing their content onto a network of participating sites. MGID uses a bespoke widget to display content from its partner publishers on each host website. Publishers sign up to MGID because they receive 150-300% targeted traffic back to their own site, making MGID an invaluable tool in the online marketing mix.

MGID’s activities started officially in 2008. From the summer of 2009 until the last quarter of 2010, the company has shown steady growth, with a constant increase of unique visitors per quarter.

Robert Bardunias, CFO, says: “As part of several growth initiatives, the upgraded MGID website is already helping our partner sites gain more traffic. We listened carefully to the needs of our customers during planning and the resulting upgrade is more in keeping with our company, which has offices worldwide and generates millions of visitors each month. Publishers love the service, as we’re sending visitors who genuinely like their content. The way we see it, the better the content, the more compelling it is for visitors. And the better our underlying website, the more traffic publishers will receive.”

Founded in 2003, MGID is a globally ranked news and product portal. Its monthly reach is more than 11 billion content impressions and it is ranked by Alexa as one of the world’s 500 most visited websites. It has more than 400 employees working in offices in the USA, Eastern Europe and Hong Kong. Its new UK office, from where its European operations will be overseen, is located at Devonshire Square, London.

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The Middle East’s Top 10 Website’s of 2010

Map Image of the Middle East at Web Traffic NewsRahaf Makarati and Ahmad Al-Shagra of have compile a listing of the Middle East’s top10 websites of 2010.  The stated that there was “no clear source on where Middle Eastern traffic pours throughout the year, we factored in as much data as we could.”  They did mention sites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Comscore, and Alexa yet gave no definitive credit to one specific source.

Most of the sites listed were news sites or forums; here is the list as reported:

  1. Yahoo! Maktoob

The final commnet shared was “This year’s list makes it easy to predict the scene during 2011 with no major changes anticipated.”

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