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Having the ability to see live web stats is critical in these days and times. We specialize in bringing you web traffic news but the site I am about to tell you about allows you to see more than just web traffic related statistics.

Want to know how many internet users in the world have been online? Want to know how many websites have been created online? Want to know how many emails have been sent today? You can see those stats and many more at:

Google searches, blog posts, tweets, you name it. At InternetLiveStats you get “live” stats as soon as you visit the page. There is no form to fill out or special button to click, just go there and see for yourself.

I appreciate the simplicity of it all and if your a stats geek like me you will like it also. Want to know how many Skype call were made? How about, how many websites were hacked?

My favorite is internet traffic. This stat is in the bottom left hand corner of their site at the time of this writing. It might have moved when you visit the site.

I’m curious to know what you use all of that information for? Leave me a comment and tell me if you like internetlivestats or not?

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