Russian Web Traffic and Social Media Slap On The Way

Recently the Russian media Roskomnadzor contacted Google, Facebook and Russian Web Traffic ControlTwitter, alerting them of the possibility of future censorship and potential outright banning of their services if they don’t work with the Russian government regarding Russian censorship and internet laws.

Roskomnadzor dislikes the encryption of the social media sites and their lack of willingness to share user data, the potential loss to the social media giants could be close to 35 million and growing Internet users in the country.

Russian web traffic, social media, and blogger laws force anyone with over 3,000 readers per day to have their identity verified by a government registration process. Failure to comply with these rules often result in a complete shut down of the suspected site/blog.

This law was enacted a few years ago due to a series of protests against the Russian government. Bloggers online were identified as playing a key role in the organization of protests, by informing people where and when to meet in order to speak out against censorship.

The Russian government also blocks websites that speak out against its government. Google, Facebook and Twitter all incorporate encryption technology that allows the people to speak without censorship making viewpoints impossible to remove, alter, or control.

Currently the Kremlin polices the Internet, while investing more and resources into making sure it can control all aspects of what it’s people see and say, this is of serious concern because they are also creating government-built servers for internet companies. Any company that hires engineers inside of Russia would have to use these servers for the Russian population, which would make monitoring and control easier.

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