Is Russia the Home of Web Traffic Attacks?

Russian Flag image at the Web Traffic News Blog In a recent report from Akamai Technologies and the Networking @ IT Business Blog Russia is the #1 country where website attack traffic originates, or close to it anyway.  In the Akamai state of the internet report they said: “our observations show the attacks clearly originate in Russia, they could be coming from somewhere else and are being proxied or forwarded through Russia.”

The ports that were attacked the most were:
a) 445 (a microsoft directory service)
b) 23 (Telnet)
c) 22 (SSH)

The best way to protect against such attacks is to use a firewall or a router that blocks access to the port.

In regards to the increased media coverage regarding hacking and website attacks do you find it likely that Russia really could be the source or do you think hackers are smart enough to make it look like the source is Russia when it really isn’t?

Leave me your comments below and let me know?

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