Ipad Rules Digital Device Web Traffic Delivery

Web Traffic News Ipad Image In a recent press release by comScore Apple’s Ipad was named as the most influential digital device that delivers website traffic in 13 national markets.  The report further states that the Ipad 89% of all tablet based web traffic devices globally.

The highest concentration of website traffic was deliverd in Canada and the second highest geographical delivery point was Brazil.  Coincidentaly I recently reported in the International Web Traffic News category that Brazil’s web traffic delivery was recently hacked by two separate groups; read more about that story HERE <—–click to read

Of further note is that the Android platform was lagging in comparison to the Ipad over mobile networks vs. WiFi/Lan networks as well.

So all of you Ipad owners out there and even Android owners, it’s time to chime in and leave a comment about why you like or dont like your digital/mobile device?

From the Web Traffic News Desk,

Mark “The Web Traffic Reporter” Brown


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