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5 Tips for Decreasing Your Blog’s Bounce Rates

bounce rateHaving high bounce rates are an indication that something is going horribly wrong with your blog.

Either your audience isn’t interested in what you are giving them, they are bored, or they might not trust the content.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is, the important part is figuring out what is wrong and implementing ways to keep the bounce rate as low as possible.

To help you out, let’s go over 5 different tips that should keep your viewers engaged and entertained:

Excellent Content-

First things first, your content. You are running a blog, your content should be the highest quality content that is possible. If you are rushing your posts for some reason, you need to just slow down and realize that your content is the heart of your blog.

Posting poor content means that your blog will be considered poor, it’s that simple. So, want to keep your readers engaged? Get better content.

Internal Links-

After a while, your blog should cover a wide range of topics that are all relevant to your niche. When a reader is interested in that particular niche, they will probably have a reason to stay on your site after one article. Provide them with other links to related articles to help them navigate to the content they want to see. If they find that they are able to find value in more places than just one article, they will have no problem sticking to your site for as long as they want.

Not only do internal links help bounce rates, but they also help you SEO efforts. Search engines look highly on relevant internal links, so use them to your advantage!

Beautiful Designs-

Having a beautiful design on your website will definitely increase the time your users stay on the site. If you have an exciting design, they are going to be much more attracted to it. This helps your brand, the overall user experience, and will help retain as many people as possible.

The only downside to getting a professional design is you might need to hire someone to do it for you. If you are not a professional designer or developer, you might have a hard time making an effective design on your own. Professional designers can be a bit pricey, but if you look around you might find a quality designer that is looking to increase his portfolio for cheap.

Images, Podcast, & Videos-

It’s a proven fact that people will keep engaged to media longer than to a page of text. Using images, videos, and audio files to help deliver your content will definitely help decrease the bounce rates of your blog. Just keep in mind that these videos have to be high quality. Even though people will pay more attention to videos, they won’t stay on them if the video is badly made.

There have been plenty of websites that have hired content creators to help with the implementation of videos and images, and they have had great success. If you are unable to hire any help, then your best bet is to find out exactly what your audience wants to see, then make it as best as you can.

Interaction With Your Audience-

A huge part of a successful blog is the interactions that happen between the blogger and the audience. After a post, you might see a few readers leave a comment or two. It is always best to respond to them as fast as possible to show them that you care about their thoughts and opinions. This also reflects very good on your blog for future readers that are reviewing your content. Responding to comments and messages also gives people a reason to stay and come back to the blog, which helps your bounce rates.

There are many other tips and tricks you can use to reduce the bounce rate on your blog, but these 5 should definitely help you start. Just remember that the faster you take care of your bounce rate issues, the better your blog will be. Also, search engines punish websites with high blog rates, so as soon as those get handled, you should see your rankings get higher.

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