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3 Tips from Your Oklahoma SEO Advisor

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3 Tips from Your Oklahoma SEO Advisor –
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Category: Local
  • TheWebtrafficReporter says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your compliments. I see you are in Tulsa so I would like to talk SEO and local marketing sometime.

    Best regards,


  • Aaron says:

    Hi Mark,

    I always keep an eye out for good web traffic graphics. Nice job on this one. Some things you might want to add in your next update are Video and Reviews about website traffic products and services, which I think will be the two biggest factors in SEO in the next year or two.

    Thanks again,


    • TheWebtrafficReporter says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I know the appreciates your comment (wink).
      Thanks for the recomendation, I will post more,


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